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Liberty holds graduation ceremonies

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Leading by example, ASB President Samantha Ford and the rest of her 2020 classmates move the tassel from the right to the left to signify graduation.


While there wasn’t a band to play “Pomp and Circumstances,” the 2020 Liberty High School Commencement Ceremonies went along without a hitch while participants followed health code requirements.

With 130 tables of eight scattered on the Liberty Hawks’ football field Thursday, the LHS Class of 2020 marched into the stadium with their heads held high for commencement.

Valedictorian speaker Baelee Harlow and ASB President Samantha Ford spoke eloquently and even shed a tear or two while addressing their class, family and friends.

Principal Felipe Piedra honored the class of 138 students with a commencement ceremony while the Golden Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees gave the project a green light.

Live-streamed on Facebook, each student was allowed eight people to sit at a designated table, social-distanced from another table. Meanwhile, the graduates sat far enough from each other to also practice social distancing.

Many parents were happy with the ceremony and even thought there might be some changes coming for future graduation ceremonies at Liberty.

To keep practicing social distancing, at the end of the ceremonies, the tables were released one-by-one and were told to head to the parking lot to exit the stadium.

Meanwhile, it allowed graduates to congratulate each other and take celebration selfies.

After the tables were released, the graduates were released.

The entire ceremony lasted just over an hour, but the LHS Class of 2020 was able to walk out of the stadium with their diplomas and an event to remember.


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