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Letter: A report on Friday night, June 5

My wife, Gloria, stated early on in the day that she wanted fish for dinner. She makes a good fish. However, she said she wasn’t going to cook.

COVID-19 and her cancer situation has left her home bound since the last of March. I looked online for fish and chips in Madera. Didn’t find much. Long John Silvers has been closed forever. Gloria said she was going to get dressed and we were going to see what was available. We decided on going to Sugar Pine first, to see if they were open. Looked like they were open and we were surprised when we were seated immediately. Checked the menu and told Gloria “Nothing says (Home style).” I got that funny little look. She decided on the grilled salmon salad with spinach. I got the steak appetizer with onion rings, horseradish and BBQ sauce. Couple of glasses of Cabernet and it was an enjoyable evening. Food was very good.

Our server (Mckenna) was excellent. Found out we knew her Mom!

About finished, and in walks Gloria’s son and daughter-in-law with the grandkids. Staying home didn’t seem that much of a deal, but going out was so much better.

Get out and enjoy.

We now are waiting for the Elks to open.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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