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Welcome Back, Madera Restaurants

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Black Bear Diner is currently open for take-out only, Monday through Sunday, from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Dine-in is coming soon and they are hiring for all positions, experience preferred. For more info or to place an order, call 675-1332.


As the restaurants in our fine city of Madera begin to open while still practicing social distancing and other requirements, some establishments are still doing online, curbside and take-out only. For details call for more information.

I look forward to the day when we can all walk into our favorite restaurant and sit right down with family and friends to enjoy some great food and company. Supporting each other for a stronger Madera.

For a list of businesses that are open to serve our community look for our Saturday’s edition.

Burrito King, 674-7596

Cachanilla, 664-7238

California Grill, 831-2161

Casey’s Iron Horse Saloon, 664-8251

Cazadores Grill, 661-9140

Cheles Tacos & Grill, 395-4169

China Kitchen, 674-4000

Chipotle Mexican, 661-2048

Denny’s, 664-1400

DiCicco’s, 674-2435

Edgar’s Italian Restaurant, 661-0306

El Amigo, 674-4482

Fastway Fried Chicken/Catering, 673-2630

Frozen Delights, 660-5074

Full-O Bull, 674-4112

Gabriela Ristorante, 662-1409

IHOP, 675-5179

Kababs Grill, 664-1100

Liu’s Village, 662-1288

Madera Frosty Queen, 673-7678

Madera Ranchos Pizza Factory, 645-7011

Mari’s Mexican Restaurant, 330-3686

Me-N-Ed’s Pizzeria, 675-9613

Mojo’s Catering, 975-7238

Morenos Mexican Food, 673-0307

Ranchos Cafe, 645-5155

Red Onion, 664-8026

Round Table Pizza, 673-7043

Papa Murphy’s, 661-1800

Pho’ Dera, 395-4510

Perko’s Cafe, 675-8020

Players Smoked BBQ, 831-2135

Premier Brick Oven Pizza, 395-4322

Sal’s Mexican Restaurant, 673-7257

Subway, 675-9297

Sugar Pine Smokehouse, 674-1212

Taco Express, 673-3187

The Pines Resort, 642-3121

The Sub Shop, 673-2665

The Vineyard Restaurant, 674-0923

Tj’s Bar & Grill, 673-6803

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