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Letter: Time to open city, county back up

Mr. Mayor and Mr. Chair of the Board of Supervisors, City Council members and Board of Supervisors members: as you know the City and county already are hurting for tax revenue, and we will not recover from unfunded liabilities that are already taking too much income out of municipal revenues.

With the federal monies coming in and getting employees back to work, now you have a small chance to recover. Let the Madera City and County businesses decide on how they control their own businesses through this now-political virus. Give them the guidelines to follow.

We are financially breaking our privately owned Hospital, as you know. Our governor is trying to push his Socialist agenda in California and it’s causing civil unrest.

As a parishioner of the largest congregation in the City of Madera, and the largest organization feeding the poor and homeless daily, we want to get back to church so the faithful Christians have a place to worship together. Worshiping through Face Book and UTube can only do so much. This lockdown has to stop.

God can take us at anytime, as it doesn’t take only a virus.

Please reopen the City and County of Madera fully, with businesses and churches understanding the guidelines to follow. Let the business people and churches decide and have input on how they want to safely reopen themselves.

Our American Citizens Rights are being crushed. Please step up and fight for our Constitutional and God given rights as Americans.

— Rick Farinelli,

Former member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors

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