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Chowchilla City Council announces launch of new program for businesses

Pursuant to the adoption of Resolution No. 34-20, the Chowchilla City Council authorized the creation of the “Save Our Community Businesses Program” and allocated funds totaling $100,000 to be administered as a grant program by the Community and Economic Development Department. “It is crucial to the City Council to support our local businesses and give assistance where we can, within our means,” said City of Chowchilla Mayor, Waseem Ahmed.

The grant program will provide financial assistance to for-profit small businesses in Chowchilla that have been directly and adversely impacted by the COVID-19 state and local “Shelter in Place” orders. An eligible small business will have fifteen (15) or fewer employees and be located and operate within the Chowchilla city limits.

Though initially funded with $100,000 from City’s General Fund budget, City officials continue to search for additional funding sources to bolster the longevity and effectiveness of the program. If other sources are found, and with City Council approval, there may be additional requirements that need to be met to receive additional funds that are currently not outlined within this program. If so, City officials will revise these guidelines and obtain City Council approval prior to enacting additional funding activities.

The program was designed to ensure a fast and fair distribution of funding. For the applicant to be eligible, your business will need to meet the following:

• Applicant must be a for-profit business physically located and operating within the Chowchilla city limits;

• Applicant must have fifteen or fewer employees as of December 31, 2019;

• Funds are limited to one (1) award per business entity;

• Applicant must demonstrate that they have been negatively impacted (25 percent or more revenue loss) by the state and/or local emergency “Shelter in Place” orders;

• Please visit the City’s Website for a full list of eligibility requirements.

• Applications MUST BE RECEIVED OR DELIVERED by 5 p.m. on May 8;

• There will be no exceptions or extensions past the deadline time and date;

• Applicants are encouraged to apply early

As stated above, City officials continue to seek additional funding. Donations are being accepted at this time from anyone who wishes to participate. City Administrator, Rod Pruett, wanted to thank the City Council members who have graciously donated their council salaries for the rest of the year to the program.

For additional information, visit to access the application, the complete program eligibility requirements, and official guidelines.

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