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County schools to receive $530,000 in added funds

Madera County school districts and charter schools are in line to receive $529,493 in additional funds to help fight the coronavirus crisis and to purchase equipment to enhance distance learning programs.

According to Madera Unified Superintendent Todd Lile, the district will soon receive the new funding to help with the nutrition services that are being provided and to assist in cleaning and disinfecting its facilities. The money can also be used to purchase personal protective equipment and to enhance the districts’ distant learning efforts. Each district’s share is determined by its average daily attendance.

Madera Unified’s share is $335, 119. Other districts in the county will receive the following amounts:

Chowchilla Elementary, $37,665; Chowchilla Union High School, $18,062; Golden Valley, $33,956; Chawanakee Unified, $13,716.

In response to the additional funding, Lile said, “This is helpful and we appreciate the state being responsive to all our needs as we go the extra mile during this crisis.”

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