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Schools go into crisis mode because of COVID-19

Madera Unified School District yesterday unveiled its plan to meet head on the threat imposed by the coronavirus to Madera’s students, employees, and parents.

After Gov. Gavin Newsom’s news conference Thursday morning, which included an executive order affecting the Brown Act and provided new guidance on public gatherings, Superintendent Todd Lile and his top administrators gave MUSD’s COVID-19 Response Plan one more thorough going over. In a day-long series of meetings Thursday, the district’s top brass hashed and rehashed the plan that has been put on the local drawing board incrementally.

Parents were notified Friday that “all non-essential group gatherings” have been postponed for at least a month. These include athletic competitions and tournaments, all field trips and camps, visual and performing arts assemblies, open houses, dances, and award ceremonies. Large parent and community gatherings have also been put on hold.

Essential functions that affect the operation of a school site or governance of the school district will be continued with caution.

The school community has been advised to visit for updates to the plan.

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