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Message from Madera Unified School District

Vigilance is the word of the day

We would like to update you on new developments around COVID-19 health concerns.

This is a fluid situation that changes by the hour.

That is why Madera Unified, along with our neighboring school districts, remain vigilant in following guidance and direction from health experts both at the California Department of Public Health and the Madera County Department of Public Health.

To assist school districts in these changing conditions, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued new guidance today involving group gatherings of over 250 people.

Gatherings that do not meet the 250 thresholds should only be conducted when they are essential — that is, if the activity is both an essential function and could not be postponed or achieved without gathering in person (meaning that some other means of communication could not be used to conduct essential function). We are defining essential functions as anything that is essential to the operation of a school site, student learning and/or governance of our district.

Newsom’s message reiterated that school is essential for students and his purpose was to help provide strategies in assisting staff, students and communities to reduce potential risk, especially those identified as a higher risk — the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

While the health risk to the general public in California from COVID-19 continues to remain low, and especially here locally, we are following this newly released guidance.

Effective immediately, Madera Unified is postponing all non-essential group gatherings through at least April 13.

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