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Madera Cinemas hosts premiere

For The Madera Tribune

Danny Sauceda, left, executive producer, Casilda Flores and actor Chance Falcon.


New release feature film, “Catch the 57,” held a movie premiere at Madera Cinemas 6 and drew most of the cast and some of the crew, including executive producer Danny Sauceda and actor Chance Falcon, both from Madera.

“Catch the 57” is based on a fictional book called “Muscle Draggers,” written by a Central Valley native Frank Cantu. The story is nestled in the backdrop of Firebaugh. It’s 1962 as Frank, played by Jerry Angelo, is sent to the asphalt to start his next big drag race.

Tragedy strikes on that hot country road, as Frank’s nephew Ricky, played by Chance Falcon (Young Ricky), and Ryan Ochoa, witness his uncle drive in his last race.

After further investigation, 12 years later, nephew Ricky learns his uncle’s death was not an accident. A vigorous search for a man they call The Driver, played by Ricky Montez, is now underway. Ricky wants to settle the score for his uncle’s death.

Along the way, he meets a beautiful woman named Vanessa, played by Angie Dick. She is everything and more than he could ever wish for. The audience is left asking, “Does Ricky stay for love, or does he keep his search going for revenge?”

“Catch the 57” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The film was produced entirely in the Central Valley by local filmmakers, collaborating with several actors from Hollywood, such as Ryan Ochoa, Jerry Angelo, Angie Dick, Anthony Campos, Ricky Montez and Michael Pierce.

Local talent included Chance Falcon, Kimmie Marquez, Brett Prieto and Jaime Nungaray.

The film was directed by Ernest Serrano and produced by Serrano Studios in Association with Falcon Pictures.

The Catch the 57 crew thanks Madera Cinema 6 for supporting local film makers and letting the movie have their Red Carpet event at their cinema Thursday.

Falcon Pictures would also like to thank the City of Madera for helping the studio film our other film, State Of Consciousness, in Madera.

Stay tuned for Falcon Pictures’ next casting call for the movie called Vengeance.

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