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Opinion: You’re nobody when you’re no longer a prince

Prince Harry (aka the former Duke of Sussex) already knows what it is like to be a nobody.

The palace barber has stopped giving him high-end haircuts. When he was in the British Army, he used to get nice, tight military haircuts, and would wear those fancy red and grey officer’s caps.

He used to be a sharp-looking kid. But now he is no longer a prince, he will have to take what he can get when it comes to haircuts.

His haircut wasn’t all that great when he and Meghan, the soon-to-be-former Duchess of Sussex, got married, but it’s really gone downhill since.

Frankly, he could get a better haircut in Madera. Since he’s going to be living in Canada, which isn’t all that far from Madera, he ought to look into coming to Madera every fortnight for a haircut at Morgan’s or Reuben’s. All he’d have to do is hitch a ride on a British military helicopter, which could land at the Madera Airport.

The Madera Tribune’s mascot, Tribbie the Wonder Dog, probably has a better-looking haircut than the Duke of Sussex.

Still to be learned is whether the Sussexes will just be Meghan and Harry Sussex ... someone the neighbors might have over for a game of bridge on Fridays?

Being invited for bridge may not be as easy for her as it once was. Meghan may well find she is not nearly as popular as when she was a duchess. I have read she was somewhat stuck up when she was just an everyday American actress when she was dating the prince.

Also, she may discover that living “independently” in a normal house may not be as nice as it was when she and Harry were living in one of the grand houses belonging to the Queen.

• • •

The weather the past week has been bitterly cold, and even though cold weather gives us a break from summer heat it can make us uncomfortable.

I had ice on my windshield on Sunday, the first time in a year. Did I scrape the windshield before driving to church? Nope. I just ran the defroster a little longer, and pretty soon the ice came off with a few swishes of the windshield. Is he a lazy boy? Yes, he is.

I wonder whether Royal Harry will have somebody scrape his windshield for him when he is living in Canada in considerably colder weather than we see here? Just wondering.

• • •

If you want to see a fascinating Netflix series about British Royalty, check out “The Crown,” a terrific biography of Queen Elizabeth II and a fascinating cast of characters, which includes Winston Churchill (played by John Lithgow) Prince Philip (played by two actors, Tobias Menzies and Matt Smith) and the Duke of Edinborough (Played by Alex Jennings.)

You’ll want to see it more than once after seeing the real-life royals on the news this past week.

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