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Letter: Reader agrees with letter on Noblett

This letter is response to Jim Glynn’s letter to the editor.

Well said Jim! If anyone knows Rochelle Noblett, they would know that this women has the utmost integrity. I have witnessed her unselfishly devote her life to making the Madera Community a better place to live.

Rochelle is a successful business women. She served on the Madera Downtown Association as president for 10 years. She was the first Madera Kiwanis female president. She has received many awards as a leader. She was recognized as one of the Top 20 Women Owned Businesses in the Central Valley by Business Journal and she has won the California State Small Business of the Year Award for Assembly District 25 and many many more awards.

I can’t believe for everything that she has done for the Madera Community that she would be treated so unprofessionally. She took that gallery to a different level and was doing her job. For what she has done for the Arts Council the past 3.5 years is amazing. She did not deserve to be locked out of her office and receive a termination letter weeks later in the mail let alone 2 days before Christmas.

The board didn’t even have the dignity to sit down and discuss their decision with her. She’s a business women. If the board wanted to go in a different direction, that’s fine, but it was her job to advise of the possible consequences. I’ve been in Human Resources for over 30 years and you just don’t treat anyone with such disrespect.

Having been a resident of Madera for over 30 years, I’ve served on numerous clubs and boards that have benefited the community. I feel that the community members need to take a hard look at who’s serving this board and what their interest truly are. Are they the right people to benefit the community and board?

— Cindy Smith

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