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Opinion: Grocery chain has its eye on Madera

Vallarta Supermarkets, a well-known food retailer in the Central and Southern California Hispanic markets, has plans to expand its 50-store chain into Madera. Preliminary plans for the new store have been submitted to the city’s Planning Department.

If permitted, the new store would be located at 1467 Country Club Drive, in a building most recently occupied by Fallas Paredes Discount Store.

The company plans an $11 million remodeling of the building.

The store — the opening for which is planned for mid-2020 — would specialize in Hispanic foods, including fresh-made tortillas.

• • •

Mid Valley Disposal will start its annual service of picking up natural, uncontaminated Christmas trees during a curbside collection from Jan. 6 through 10 on your normal garbage pickup days of that week.

Flocking should be removed from the tree, along with any decorations, including lights, glass balls, etc., to facilitate grinding and mulching, which prepares the trees to be used for compost. Such decorative detritus contaminates the tree with non-compostable materials and can jam or break the machinery used for cutting and grinding. Contaminated trees will not be picked up.

If you have any questions about the pickup service, call 706-3973.

• • •

The World Ag Expo is scheduled to open Feb. 11 and run through Feb. 13 in Tulare, and once again it is being billed as the biggest of its kind.

Farmers and vendors of farm supplies come from world-around to display their wares and shake the calloused hands of farmers.

Here are some topics and activities:

• Agriculture issues

• Dairy

• Hemp education and marketing

• Importing and exporting

• Irrigation and water

• Wines and grapes

• Women in Agriculture

• International business

• Ag tours

And that’s just the beginning.

• • •

The Workforce Development Board of Madera County and the Madera Chamber of Commerce will present a Cyber Security Workshop on Jan. 23 to help business owners and others dependent on the Internet avoid cyber attacks.

Admission to the workshop will be free, but those who plan to attend are asked to register.

The workshop runs from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. For information, call Jorge Espinosa, 662-4540 or Erick Flores, 6623-4528

• • •

God was talking to one of his angels, and said: I’ve just created a 24-hour period of alternating lightness and darkness on the earth.”

“What are you going to do next?” the angel asked.

“I think I’m going to call it a day,” said God.

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If the opposite of “Pro” is “Con,” does that mean “Congress” is the opposite of “Progress?”

• • •

If a rabbit’s foot is so lucky, what happened to the rabbit?

• • •

A drunk walks up to a parking meter and drops a quarter in. He is amazed when the indicator needle moves to 60. “I can’t believe I’ve lost 100 pounds,” says the drunk.

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