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All-Madera Tribune Girls Volleyball Team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera’s Isabella Saucedo goes up for a kill against the Bullard Knights. Saucedo was such a force for the Coyotes that she earned the County/Metro Athletic Conference’s Most Valuable Player after earning first team honors last year. Saucedo’s dominance has earned her a second straight All-Madera Tribune Girls Volleyball Most Valuable Player honors.


Most Valuable Player

Isabella Saucedo

MB Jr. Madera

All-League: County/Metro Athletic Conference Most Valuable Player

“Bella” was the best player in the County/Metro Athletic Conference and she is one of the best players in the Central Section. Madera Coyotes head coach Meghan Haas uses different ways to employ her best weapon. Obviously, Saucedo is great on the outside, but she is also a deft blocker in the middle and can easily put down a back row kill. She has an all-around game that has led the Coyotes to back-to-back CMAC championships. She was one of the best players on her team in her freshman year, but is one of the best players in the Central Section and she still has another year to go. She was the Tribune’s Most Valuable Player last year with Madera South’s Aleecia Rosel, but this year, she earns the award on her own. She also earned All-Madera Tribune recognition her freshman season.

The Team

Sofia Perez

Setter Sr. Madera

All-League: CMAC 1st team

Perez has the soft hands a setter needs. She is quick to the ball and does what she can to get the ball just high enough to let Saucedo pick her targets. Many times, Perez helped Saucedo find the open spots with her sets, but Saucedo also helped Perez with her wide-range of hitting. However, Perez also knew to spread the ball around and allow other hitters hit. She is a two-time All-Madera Tribune volleyball selection. The best thing about Perez is she is a three-sport athlete. Not just a three-sport athlete, but a very good one. She is a two-time All-Tribune selection in girls basketball and softball. She also earned the CMAC Player of the Year and All-Tribune MVP for softball.

Mariyah Alvarez

Libero Sr. Madera

All-League: CMAC 2nd team

While the Coyotes had an efficient offense with Saucedo and Brianna Guerrero putting down attacks and Perez setting it up, if you ask any coach, it takes a good pass to start the offense. Most of the time, Alvarez was the keystone for the defense, digging up attacks and getting good passes for Perez to set up. She was a rock in the back for the Coyotes and played almost every set.

Brianna Guerrero

OH Jr. Madera

While everyone facing the Coyotes knew Saucedo was going to be the focal point of the Madera offense, someone else had to pick up the points when Saucedo wasn’t attacking. That player for the Coyotes was Guerrero. She started to step up her game later in the season and became another go-to player for Haas. Now with Sacuedo and Guerrero coming back next season, Haas has her sights set on a CMAC three-peat.

Arelis Chavez

MB-OH Jr. Madera South

All-League: CMAC 1st team

Chavez was a member of the trio of towers for Madera South head coach Travis McEowen. With Chavez, Bianca Guevara and Destiny Perez, the Stallions had the ability to put up a big front line. Chavez was a beast on the outside, but also had the ability to put back a block in the middle. Chavez, only a junior, has the ability to dominate the front line and lead the Stallions to bigger and better things. She is a two-time All-Madera Tribune volleyball selection with her senior year still to come.

Bianca Guevara

MB Sr. Madera South

All-League: CMAC 2nd team

Guevara was one of the most improved players on the team this year. Previously a quiet player, she became more vocal and became a leader by what she did on the court. She was counted on for the key hits and delivered. There were times where she started to dominate the game at the net. She blocked hey hits and put down kills to lead the Stallions. She is a three-time All-Madera Tribune selection.

Jacky Granados

Setter Sr. Madera South

All-League: CMAC honorable mention

Granados was the one player that touched the ball on almost every possession for the Stallions. She ran all over the court to get the set up to start the offense. Even though she ran from one side of the court to the other to track down passes, she still put up sets that her big hitters (Guevara and Chavez) could hit. She was shafted by the CMAC earning just honorable mention honors. She was one of the most important players for the Stallions and should have earned at least a second team selection. She is a two-time All-Tribune recipient.

Destiny Perez

MB Sr. Madera South

All-League: CMAC honorable mention

Perez was the third of Madera South’s towering trio. She came on strong near the end of the season when the defenses started keying in on Chavez and Guevara. She stepped up for the Stallions and delivered some key kills. She was also the emotional leader for the Stallions. She was always rooting for her teammates and giving them encouragement. She was the one leading the Stallions’ huddle after important kills.

Audrina Vasquez

MB Sr. Liberty

All-League: North Sequoia League 1st team

Vasquez started coming on strong for the Hawks late in the season and became the go-to player for head coach Grant Clark. One of the tallest players on the Hawks’ team, Vasquez used her height to her advantage. Whether it was hitting down the line or cross court, Vasquez could find the open spot. She also played in the middle working on blocking the opposing team’s best hitters.

Jackie Lopez

Libero Sr. Liberty

All-League: NSL 2nd team

Like Alvarez for the Coyotes, Lopez was an important cog for the Hawks. She came up with a number of diving digs to keep the ball alive for the Hawks. A little inconsistent, Lopez was still consistent enough for the North Sequoia League, who voted her onto the second team. She also had a tough, hard serve, which led to many aces.

Sarah Shevenell

MB Sr. Liberty

Although best known for striking people out on the softball diamond, Shevenell was one of the smartest players on the court for the Hawks. Shevenell had the innate ability to go up late on a block because she saw where the attacker was going for the ball. With her wingspan, she frequently frustrated attackers who thought they had a kill. She was The Madera Tribune’s Pitcher of the Year last year for softball and is a two-time All-Tribune softball selection.

Lucia Somilleda

OH Sr. Liberty

Somilleda was the Swiss-army knife for Clark. She played all-around and did a good job in all facets of the game. She was a key target in the Hawks’ offense. She was also an adept passer to start the offense. She also had the ability to attack from the back row to score points.


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