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New storage complex offers 900 units

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Richard Torosian of Master Storage 365 stands outside the new 900-unit facility at 905 Knox Road.


Includes lots of electronic help

Richard Torosian believes he has reimagined the storage business, and his new, 900-unit building at 905 Knox Road would indicate that. The units range from 3- to 12-feet wide, with ceilings as high as 10 feet.

Torosian beams as he uses an electric cart to show visitors around the long rows of shiny metal doors, most of them 8 feet high or more.

Some units are 12 feet wide by 10 feet tall, while others are 30 by 30 feet, and can hold boats and other vehicles.

The complex, called Master Storage 365, which is open 24 hours 7 days a week, isn’t just for storage, Torosian told his guests. Some units can be outfitted as offices or shops.

The main lobby includes a conference room that can be used by customers. It also includes computers and a display of moving supplies.

He has a moving van that he will lend to customers for moving into Master Storage 365.

Torosian, a CPA who lives in Fresno, said he hopes his storage concept can become a franchise. He has eight other locations in the valley that he hopes he can build out soon. A second location already is in operation in Lemoore.

His opening in Madera unexpectedly occurred in November, when the owners of the Laguna Knolls apartments gave their tenants notices to vacate at the end of December.

Those tenants had nowhere to put their belongings while they looked for places to live.

“We decided we wanted to help those tenants,” Torosian said. So he put his moving van at the tenants’ disposal, and they were able to start moving their possessions into Master Storage 365 before they had found new places to live.

“The Laguna Knolls people were so grateful,” Torosian said. “They called us angels.”

Master Storage 365 features state-of-the art, 24-hour-a-day electronic security, refrigerated wine lockers, wi-fi, open-office work areas for tenants, thermal sensors and other digital accessories.

Visit to get your unit today.

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