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Letter: A revolutionary notion — the 3 percenters

The 3 percenters are alive and well in California. The 3 Percenters is an organization that got its name from the American revolution that separated us from the grips of England. Only three percent of the people rebelled against England and that was enough to gain the freedom we enjoy today.

That revolution was over taxes imposed and the resulting Boston Tea Party resulting in the first shots taken at Bunker Hill.

Our Government, both State and Federal are imposing taxes, destroying local businesses and thus ensuring that manufacturing moves out of state. The number of hard-working people moving out of California increases every day.

California has become a welfare State with 60 percent of Valley poor on food stamps or some other aid. The remaining 40 percent are taxed to death trying to support those not working. Skid row in L.A. is now 40 square blocks of rat-infested city including downtown City Hall. The fleas are taking a toll of anyone in this area and spreading disease such as hepatitis to workers in City Hall and local police.

How long will the city of LA allow this to go on? Will they allow another outbreak of the plague similar to the one in Europe that killed 30 percent of the population?

The homeless are growing in Madera as rents continue to rise and future democrats scale our borders in ever-increasing numbers. They come for the freebees that California offers and that are not available in their home country.

Don’t believe me? Try to use the emergency room at any hospital. You and the sick will wait hours to see a medical doctor. Look for tent camps along the Fresno River and under overpasses along our roads and highways. The homeless are white, black and Asian and yet only a few Hispanics. These were the working class that lost jobs due to plant shutdowns. The illegals as future voters can’t be turned away for any reason, so they come to California as the “Garden of Eden.” Thus overwhelming our welfare system and Medicare programs.

They come to Madera and pay rents to locals who stack them in garages on bunk beds, I have seen this done. Where are the ICE agents when you need them most?

The next item on the leftist agenda is the removing of all guns from the population. This will be accomplished by rewording the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Leftists know that eliminating the 2nd Amendment will not happen with a heavily armed population, but by adding a few choice words can change the meaning and thus the law regarding legal ownership of any weapon.

The Federal identification program that’s started already requires a Federal ID to obtain a California driver’s license and for filing your state taxes. To board a commercial flight, you first must have a Federal ID, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming. Soon you will need a Federal ID to obtain a firearm and this ID can be withdrawn at anytime. When withdrawn for whatever reason, your registered weapons will have to be turned over to the local authority or you could face criminal charges and imprisonment.

Trump, as president, has tried to do what no one before him has tried. He has been ridiculed since his first day in office. He is threatened by impeachment and forced removal from office. Is a coup possible? If this happens the next president would be the House speaker. Do you think she would want to be President? She would appoint Hillary Clinton as President. Trump will be the last Republican President. The voting college will be eliminated and California and New York will elect all future Presidents. Scary thoughts, the country will undoubtably be divided and some states like Texas will try to withdraw from the Union. Then the 3 percenters might increase to 50-60 percenters.

— James D. Brooks,

Army Training and Certification Tracking System

USN, retired,


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