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Letter: Writer treads on California Democrats

I received an email from my assemblyman advising that the Dumocrats in Sacramento now want to pass a bill requiring anyone buying a gun or ammo had to have a REAL ID (the new Federal Driver’s License that everyone will eventually have to have).

Knowing this idiot governor we now have, he will probably sign that bill. You know, effective July 1, they will run a background check on you if you want to buy a box of ammo, and charge you an extra $1 for the ammo to do it. One more of the many crazy things that are happening in California, the sanctuary state for illegals.

The first thing President Trump did when he was elected was get rid of Obama’s individual mandate but Gov. Nuisance wants to bring it back at the state level and tax those of us who don’t have medical insurance so nearly 100,000 illegal aliens can get free medical in this state. Talk about stupidity in epic proportions. They say that is to hold down insurance premiums. They could certainly do that by deporting those nearly 100,000 illegals instead of giving them free medical.

There are more taxpayers leaving California than there are entering. I won’t even start on the high-speed rail to nowhere. The only way we Californians can turn these types of things around is to vote out the dummies that are ruling Sacramento.

In 2018 as I was trying to help get Prop. 6 passed (to repeal gasoline tax hike which passed in 2017), I was saying Attorney General Xavier Becerra was lying as he changed the title of the proposition so people did not know what they were voting for. It failed to pass so the taxes and registration increases took effect and I still believe people did not know what they were really voting for. Now, Gov. Gavin Nuisance wants to divert that money to the high speed rail which is not what people voted for but probably what the Democrats in Sacramento intended all along. However, lying in Sacramento is quite common.

Second subject: I never saw Judge Weiland bloviate while on the bench but now some are calling him “windy Weiland” because his articles are sooo long and I don’t usually read all of them. He questioned the president’s mental ability in his last article, which is nothing new as Democrats have been complaining about this president since his inauguration.

However, his ability to get things done has been very good and I do not see any democrat candidate on the horizon that is going to beat him in 2020 and that is why Democrats are desperately trying to impeach him if they could only find something to impeach him for and right now they have nothing. Tulsi Gabbard seems to be one of the few Democrat candidates with common sense, so Hillary Clinton started this lie that Tulsi was the favorite candidate of the Russians, but I thought Hillary was the Russians’ favorite since she paid for the phony Steele dossiere.

If the judge wants to look at some real mental incompetents, he might look at Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and especially Ilan Oman who was apparently married to her brother and some other guy at the same time. Where are criminal charges?

A bit of good news — President Trump announced Sunday morning that fugitive Islamic leader Abu Badr Al-Baghdadi was killed in a raid by U. S. Special Forces by detonating his suicide vest after fleeing into a dead end tunnel.

— Frank Bradford,


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