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Letter: Fresno, and impact fees

Today’s (Sept. 28) edition of the Tribune had a letter from Mike Pistoresi. Subject: Fees and Bonds for Madera residents, and that most Madera government and school district management and employees live in Fresno.

This is evident on our commuter roads and avenues. Holidays are the best days to travel to Fresno or even go to Madera!

Avenues 9 and 12 are greatly impacted with this commute. Since we are talking impact fees, why not impact fees for those working in Fresno? These Fees will go to our county roads. Surely they are damaging or shortening their life. Think there are impact fees in existence on new homes for 99 access, why not 9 and 12? If you live in Fresno and work for the government or school district, it’s $1,000 a year per car per employee. Anyone using a relative’s address will be dismissed for fraud. If added through Union Contracts, they will lose their Union and become private contractors. Which they need to be anyway. No more Calpers! Pretty bad when school district employees live in Fresno so their Kids can go to better schools.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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