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Maderan’s gender reveal hits national airwaves

Fairmont State University women’s volleyball coach Courtney Materazzi (Taubert), a former Madera Coyotes standout, created a gender reveal that has gone viral and featured on NBC’s Today morning show.

On Sept. 1, her husband, Cristian, who is the Fairmont State Universiy assistant women’s soccer coach, was coaching a match.

Suddenly, the referee marched up to Cristian. The coach thought he was in trouble and was going to be given a yellow card.

Instead, the referee pulled out a pink card and presented it to Materazzi, meaning they were going to have a daughter. The entire team engulfed their coach in a group hug while pink confetti flew from the sky.

In the video, Courtney could be seen coming from a hiding spot to also congratulate her husband. They also have a son, Dominic.

The video has since been seen more than 1,200 times on Courtney’s Facebook page.

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