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Letter: District Attorney says she will investigate

The story of the Madera City council recently is actually and ultimately a triumph for our republican form of government. While it appears the previous council was behaving less than ethically, it was ordinary citizens who have gotten things back on track. That’s how things are supposed to work; newly elected members have made significant changes and new staff are in place who appear to have a better grasp of their legal and ethical obligations.

However, the Grand Jury and the Madera Tribune are also correct that malfeasance and/or misfeasance cannot and should not go unpunished. As your District Attorney, I have opened an investigation into the allegations in the Grand Jury report. I will oversee this investigation to its conclusion, and if charges can ethically be prosecuted by this office, they will be. As with every criminal investigation, every person starts with a presumption of innocence. I will follow where the evidence leads and be ready to explain my actions fully at the conclusion of the investigation.

My concern is justice. Justice for the citizens of Madera and justice for the council members involved. Appearances can be deceiving. Also, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Stand by to see which this is.

— Sally Moreno,

Madera County District Attorney

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