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Police arrest Madera man in DUI crash

Madera Police Department

Antonio Rivera, 24, of Madera was arrested on charges of DUI, reckless driving and fleeing from officers. He was spotted doing donuts Tuesday night in an intersection, hit a stop sign and then crashed his panel van into a wall. He was found to be three times over the legal limit for alcohol after failing field sobriety tests, according to police.


A 24-year-old Madera man was arrested for DUI after officers saw him attempting to do stunts and burning circles in a white panel van in an intersection near Merced and Ellis Streets Tuesday night, according to the Madera Police Department. The van then struck a stop sign, hit a curb and struck a concrete wall before coming to a stop. No injuries were reported.

Antonio Rivera fled briefly into a field before being caught by officers and arrested for DUI, reckless driving and fleeing from officers.

Rivera was found to be three times over the legal limit for alcohol.

Alex Martinez, 22, a pal of Rivera’s who drove to the site of the crash, was also found to be under the influence and was also arrested for DUI at the scene.

Madera Police Lt. Dan Foss said the problem with young, reckless drivers in Madera doing street stunts and racing was an ongoing and serious issue that police are targeting.

“This type of activity will not be tolerated, and places all of our citizens at unnecessary risk. Our officers (will) enforce a zero tolerance policy on all DUI violations or reckless driving. This includes the breaking of (tire) traction, donuts or street racing. For those who participate in this activity, it can result in incarceration at the county jail for up to one year,” Foss said.

Fines for reckless driving can be up to $1,000 and result in points on a driver’s record. Motorists convicted for reckless driving offenses often then pay extremely high insurance rates or find they have difficulty getting insurance at all.

Police are requesting residents report drivers who are driving recklessly, or planning stunts or racing and say you could be saving a life.

The number to call to report unsafe or reckless drivers is Madera Police dispatch at 675-4220. The line is answered 24/7 and you can remain anonymous.


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