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Murillo Electronics celebrates 25 years

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Martin Murillo is the owner of Murillo Electronics on 113 S. Lake Street.


In 1994, Martin Murillo set up shop in his garage in Madera to repair electronics. At the time, Murillo would repair TVs radios and VCRs.

Murillo, now operating his business from a storefront at 113 South Lake St. in Madera, has adjusted with the times.

As technology has advanced drastically in the last 30 years, Murillo Electronics has continued to provide repairs for the latest gadgets. Whether it’s phones, tablets, computers, video game consoles or various types of modern technology, Murillo says he can fix them all.

Although he faced various challenges before opening his business, Murillo was determined to keep going.

“I had to work on another job and do repairs part-time, initially,” Murillo said. “After two years working from home, I decided to have a shop. Like all businesses, it was difficult at first, but we kept trying.”

Murillo worked in the fields when he first came to the United States from Mexico. What he really wanted, however, was to work on electronics.

He looked for jobs in electronic shops, but he was continuously turned down. Murillo then turned to his other option: opening his own business.

So he asked for information on how to open a business, acquired his license and opened his shop.

Murillo did all that despite people who tried to discourage him.

“They were telling me it’s hard to get the license, but it was easy” Murillo said. “I went to city hall and filled out the application and met the requirements.”

Twenty five years later, Murillo is happy with the service he has been able to provide to the community.

“I have a lot of customers who are very happy,” Murillo said. “We almost repair everything that’s electronic.”

The Madera man adds that his services include installing car stereos.

“We install car audio, amplifiers, the whole system,” Murillo said. “We sell electronics, too, like stereos and the accessories for the installation.”

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