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Letter: Politics, and the addictive connection

President Donald Trump recently announced withdrawal of aid to Central American countries due to graft and misuse.

Ignoring facts and reason, in a response centered on political opportunism at home, California’s Governor (Gavin) Newsom reportedly went to El Salvador and spoke to the crowds asserting their need for U.S. aid. He then added that “America needs leadership,” and “California will assert itself if this administration wants to walk away.”

Isn’t it interesting how “OPM” (other people’s money) and opium rhyme so closely? Neo-liberal politicians’ habitual love of promising OPM (our taxes) for the purpose of vote buying is just like that other opium, regularly consumed by other addicts.

But this is really a lesson in how a wise politician with the presidency in mind gets free air time on a national scale. Watch for more in the future because politics, for politicians, is also addictive.

— H. Clay Dalton,


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