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Birthdays are special days

Every human being has a special day during the year that is the anniversary of his or her birth, better known as a birthday.

Now, I realize that not everyone celebrates birthdays, and I respect that, if the reason has to do with religious practices or the memory of a past birthday with a tragic event. However, this historic day of a person’s life is special, and it is a day that is constantly and consistently used to identify that individual.

No application for employment or insurance, or license or passport, or most other enrollments is complete without a date of birth. Some only require a day and a month, but not the year. At any rate, the birthday is your identifying characteristic used to give others something about you that is mostly unique and can set you apart from others who have similar traits.

I think birthdays are special days on which we need to honor the person who is just turning one year older. It is heartwarming for me when someone remembers to wish me a happy birthday. There doesn’t have to be a ticker tape parade or a huge, expensive celebration, but the joy of having someone remember that it is my special day fills me with gratitude and appreciation. I also appreciate being able to remember someone else’s birthday. It gives me great joy as well to make another person feel special, even just for a moment.

Many years ago, I worked with a lady whose birthday was May 21. She loved to celebrate her birthday, and she wasn’t about to have anyone forget it. All month long, she would say, “It’s my birthday month!” By the time her birthday actually came, there was no way to surprise her with a celebration. Although she did like the attention she gave herself for her birthday, she also enjoyed the celebrations of the birthdays of others. She understood fully just how special birthdays are to people.

Everyone likes to be treated as if they matter in this world. Sometimes it is just a smile, a good word, or a greeting that is warm and friendly, that makes someone’s day more meaningful. A birthday is a great time to let someone know he or she is special. We don’t always know what is happening deep inside the heart of another person. There could be turmoil because of something tragic that recently happened, or worry over health issues, or relationship problems. People react to struggles in different ways, and a kind word is never the wrong thing to lend another.

Most people don’t go around saying, “It’s my birthday month.” In fact, after we reach a certain age, probably just past 21 years old, we don’t even go around saying, “Today’s my birthday!” Why is that? Children become very excited about their birthdays, and they want everyone to know. Why are we bashful to announce this after we are adults?

Every birthday should be meaningful to us. I believe that next time it’s my birthday, I will announce it in The Madera Tribune.

Have a great weekend, and remember to wish someone a Happy Birthday.

— My love to all,


• • •

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”

— Hebrews 10:24

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