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The Happy Gal

On Monday of this week, I went to the Rescue Mission Auxiliary’s Soup and Dessert Lunch, at First Christian Church. It is well worth the time to go to this annual event. There is a variety of delicious soups and desserts; but the best part of it is the opportunity to visit with folks who are also enjoying the lunch.

Chuck Doud and I went to the lunch together, and we sat at the table where Wendy Alexander and Tami Jo Nix were sitting. Most of our readers would recognize the three of them and would know they are from The Madera Tribune. My face, however, is not as well-known around town. As I sat down, there was a lady sitting on the other side of me who asked me if I worked for the Tribune, and if I write for the paper. She asked my name, and when I told her I was Nancy, she smiled and said she reads The Madera Tribune.

This delightful lady’s name is Helen Brown, and she is 101 years old. I was shocked to hear that news. This woman does NOT look or act her age. She was very friendly as she smiled and laughed with me, and told me about her life. She was happy to be around so many people. During our visit together, I learned quite a bit about her. Helen is a member of the church where we were eating our lunch, but she was raised a Baptist. She is originally from Illinois, but has lived in Madera for many years. She gave birth to a son and a daughter, and she was married to a man who loved her very much. (That part is not surprising.)

Helen worked for 13 years as a nurse, and I know she was good in that role. She is a very compassionate person who has a genuine love for people. She told me how much she loves life, and said, “I am a happy person.” It is that happiness to which she attributes her longevity.

As Helen shared with me who she was, I thought, “What a beautiful person this is!” She loves life, and she loves people. Who would not be totally blessed to know her? Her happiness is indeed contagious.

Helen, if you are reading this article, I thank you for making my day. I am fortunate to have met you, and I sincerely hope we meet again sometime. Perhaps we will have another bowl of soup together.

Thanks to all of you who “make my day” with your inspiration and caring. When we smile and show our love, we make the world a better place each day.

— My love to all,


• • •

If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.

— Romans 12:8

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