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Letter: The road less traveled

Went to Fresno for the granddaughter’s softball game Friday, (March 29). Went to Pilot for fuel and chose 99 southbound at 1 p.m. to intercept Avenue 12.

SR 99 was at a full stop one-half mile south of Avenue 18 1/2. Exited at Avenue 17 to go directly to 12. With a right, left, left; right, left, right, left, right, then left. This route was also busy. Avenue 12 was backed up from 145 to 26 1/2. Crossing 99 it was stopped both directions.

The north-bound ramp was full up to Avenue 12 and east. Heavy all the way to SR 41. Exited for Friant. Really jammed to Audubon. What was going on?

Our return was just as bad, but this was 3:45 p.m., the beginning of the “rush.” SR 41 was, as usual, with the idiots jamming in at the “squeeze.” Avenue 12 was still busy. SR 99 was still jammed north and south. West-bound 12 was good. Road 28 1/2 was bumper to bumper north. SR 145 was the same as were Roads 26 1/2, 26 and 25. Avenue12 was backed up from SR 145 west to Road 26!

On to Road 23, it was good. Road 23 at Howard Road (Avenue 14) was backed up to Avenue 15, with heavy traffic past Avenue 16. I know SR 99 is a mess every afternoon, but how come all the other problems?

I know there are “impact fees” on all development. Is it being spent properly? Perhaps we need fees on those that work here and live in Fresno. Something to keep pace with the growth. Perhaps the HSR can be redeemed with a conversion to a by-pass route for traffic past Madera and Fresno. On-ramps both south-bound and north-bound with only off ramps in between. It could be called I-7 so that California won’t have to pay back federal funds. A.E Newman ... er Newsom will be a hero, and we will have something we can use.

I bet the by-pass from Chowchilla to Kingsburg will handle millions more than that “train” could ever handle.

Just a half a mile West of 23 and we were back in our sweet silent little world.


Not what it used to be.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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