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Letter: College admissions scandal

The college admissions scandal is not a big deal. The old universities were created to educate rich whites. These schools have always had special admissions programs for subpar white kids. In other words, they get in despite lower grades and personality/mental problems, and it is an accepted “pay-to-play” program — the kids enter through the back door. These kids are not part of the highly competitive admissions for the non-rich regular admissions system. But are these kids rich enough?

That is the real question ... $15,000 is usually not enough. I hear there are some tax problems and the exposed ACT/SAT test cheating to be dealt with. For the rich, low SAT/ACT scores are no barrier. Even public universities use the back door probably to a lesser extent. If they had restricted their pay-for-admission to Harvard, Yale, etc., I anticipate there would have been no problem ... and would eliminate the blatant test cheating.

Poor students get crucified if they cheat on the ACT/SAT. So relax, rich whites will continue to get into great universities, just apply for the back door.

Jared Kushner’s dad pledged $2.5 million to Harvard. Donald Trump went to reform school and now he’s president. Trump has had his education records sealed, so his college history is really unknown.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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