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More business coming to Madera

The Madera Planning Commission recently approved the plans for a third Starbucks coffee store, with drive-thru and outdoor patio seating area in the Bethard Square shopping center on west Olive Avenue and south I Streets.

The area of the Bethard Square shopping center had previously struggled with filling empty space until the economy had picked up recently and the Planet Fitness 24 hour operation had become established.

Acting City of Madera planning director Christopher Boyle said the store will be built within the current parking lot of Bethard Square and will also contain space for additional smaller retail stores, according to recently approved the site plan. No residents objected to the project and several appeared to applaud the development of the new retail space.

The Starbucks location also has received approval for a 24 hour operation, if the customer traffic from State Route 99 or other business warrants the extended hours, he said during the presentation.

“The redevelopment of Bethard Square began in early 2016, roughly 50 years after the first Bethard Square entitlements were approved by the City,” Boyle said. “It was at that time that Bethard Square started into an extensive remodel. The Starbucks pad building continues that redevelopment effort. Staff directs all accolades upon the new ownership group of the shopping center, led by Mr. Shawn Bidsal, for their investment in the Bethard Square property. We look forward to a continued partnership as Bethard Square continues to evolve.”

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