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Women’s conference planned at Holy Spouses Hall

Courtesy of St. Marello Bookstore

Writer Allison Gingras will speak as part of a Walk of Faith annual Women’s Conference set for March 16 at Holy Spouses Hall.


St. Joachim Church plans to host Catholic writer Allison Gingras at its Walk of Faith annual Women’s Conference set for March 16.

Gingras, who lives in Massachusetts, will speak on faith in God’s loving presence amid the “everyday ordinary” moments of life.

“I think that’s really important — that we see that God loves us whether we are at church” or elsewhere, she said, explaining that we can live out our faith even in washing dishes. Regardless of our activity, God’s presence “is all that matters.”

The day-long gathering will feature two other talks, a light breakfast, lunch, snacks and door prizes.

Gingras is the author of the books “The Gift of Invitation” (part of a journal series for Catholic women) and “Three Persons, One God” as well as a TechTalk column on She also hosts a weekly live Facebook podcast entitled “A Seeking Heart” and Catholic TV shorts, founded the website, and is an online facilitator for WINE (Women In the New Evangelization) book clubs.

Gingras said she looks forward to coming to the area.

“What a joy to live in a time where you can reach people on the West Coast all the way here in Boston (via the Internet). But actually being there … (able to) look people in the eye and tell them that Jesus loves them, there is nothing like that in the world.”

The conference will be 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Holy Spouses Hall, 320 N. I St. A video about the upcoming conference can be viewed online at

Tickets are $30 each or $200 for a table of eight. To reserve tickets, contact Jennifer at St. Marello Bookstore, 211 N. J St., at 662-0682.

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