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Letter: Schmitt Creek puts in another appearance

Went up to Pilot to get gas today. Avenue 17 closed and water running across Road 23. Schmitt Creek used to run through the property where the “Casino” is supposed to go. That’s half way between Ave 18 and Ave 17 on Road 23.

The developers of the land west of 23, leveled the ground and took out the channel of Schmitt Creek.

Back in the 80s we had a good rain year and Schmitt Creek stalled at Road 23. Backed up and then crossed 23. MID came out and restored the channel through the property west of 23, with a backhoe.

Someone engineered something to correct the problem. However, Mother Nature seems to have had another idea. She said, “My water needs to go this way.” And she restored Schmitt Creek. Not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Some think that “Man” is the smartest thing to walk the Earth. Ha! Lets see who gets the last laugh. Remember, we are only renting the place. California has two problems with water. Not enough storage, and not enough good drainage. If we want to control it, we need both.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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