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Letter: Do we really need $5 billion for a wall?

Asking $5 billion for a wall — it is a good time to remember Trump’s history is full of bankruptcies.

The US already is deep, deep, deep in debt. How long would I expect workers to work to construct a $5 billion wall? I would say the workers would have to work every day for 10 to 15 years to construct that wall and earn that much money. What do you think?

I certainly would feel ripped off if they constructed it in less than a year. So, if a wall project, to replace our current wall projects, is going to take 10 to 16 years, what is the rush and why the nonsensical federal government shutdown?

The line of people trudging towards the Mexican border will be long gone in 16 years. Even crazier, Trump wants to spend the whole $5 billion by the 2020 election.

What a crook!

Trump says he has already completed a massive update of the border wall and that the new San Diego border wall has already been completed. Trump also says 115 miles of Texas border wall has already been ordered. Trump can’t get his border wall stories straight. Sounds like fraud, waste, and abuse of our federal tax dollars to me.

Vlad Putin, Trump’s leader, recently constructed a monitored wire fence between Ukraine and Crimea.

How can people sign up to “earn” $5 billion in 18 months to build a wall? Sounds like a windfall. Area 51 has no fences, but is heavily guarded and no one enters. Trump’s wall comes from a crazy criminal mind.

In the meantime, real people are suffering from the shutdown. In recent years many suffered devastating losses from fires, floods, mudslides, and storms. Many were, before the tragedy, dependent on federal funds for income and benefits. After the disasters, many more, suffer illness, injury, job loss, mental impairment, and deaths — they became dependent on the federal government money and services to aid in recovery. Many will never recover and will move on to a different lifestyle. Trump has shown poor judgment and ignorance of human need in subjecting these people and communities to unnecessary government shut downs.

Trump is working by ego and failing again in his duty to protect citizens and the United States of America.

Trump’s Christmas lies that he gave a 10 percent (and higher) pay raise to the military was despicable. Don’t lie to the troops fighting far from home. Don’t be a lying Santa — it just depresses and angers the troops. Trump thinks the troops are stupid. The troops get a routine COLA raise every year.

Don’t tell the troops that the generals and Pentagon do not know what they are doing. (Trump said, “I know more ... than the generals.”).

Don’t lie saying Obama created ISIS by pulling troops out of Iraq too early and was a weak president. After Trump’s withdrawal announcement, Turkey (and others) lined up tanks to attack the abandoned Kurds.

We taxpayers give Trump $200,000 a year just to rent golf carts at Mar-A-Lago. Let’s talk Trump scams and Trump dealings with criminal banks, like Deutsche.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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