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Staff of women’s facility provides Christmas to students, patients

Staff from the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) provided toys and bikes to two local schools and to Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera. Although CCWF had a very short turnaround time, staff donated more than $1,500 in cash and toys. Within two days, there was an abundance of toys purchased and collected. As it has in the past, CCWF contributed multiple items and money in order to accomplish the Christmas giveaway. The local Chicano Correctional Workers Association chapter and the CCWF Employee Association also contributed.

Riding in on CDCR’s Fire Engine on Tuesday, Dec. 11, the convoy — which included Warden Janel Espinoza, Chief Deputy Warden Mike Pallares, Fire Chief Peter Sotello, Santa Claus and a group of other employees representing multiple departments at CCWF — delivered the toys and bikes.

The first stop was made at Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Chowchilla, where the team was greeted by children who were obviously more than happy to see them. Following Reagan Elementary, stops were made at Virginia Lee Rose Elementary School in Madera, and then the final destination, Valley Children’s Hospital.

Seventy-five bikes and 550 toys were handed out to children.

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