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Teen hit in DUI arrest

California Highway Patrol Manuel Rosales, 23, was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI after the vehicle he was driving struck and injured a Madera South High School student.


A 17-year old waiting for the school bus along Road 25 in La Vina was hit and critically injured by a driver alleged to be under the influence Monday morning, according to The California Highway Patrol.

Public information officer Greg Rodriguez said the incident happened about 6:30 a.m., just before sunrise in the farm community and the investigation into the major injury crash is ongoing.

“The young man, reportedly a Madera South (High School) student, was waiting for the school bus on the east shoulder of Road 25, north of Avenue 9. The driver of the Chevy Astro van was southbound at a high rate of speed, and is also suspected to be under the influence of alcohol.

For unknown reasons, the driver veered to left, crossed over both lanes on to the shoulder and struck the young man that was standing there, waiting for the bus. The young man was thrown over 100 feet into the (adjacent) orchard by (the impact).”

Rodriguez said the injured young man’s mother was also walking to the bus stop with his younger siblings about the same time as the crash, with his school bus and another bus arriving shortly thereafter at the chaotic scene. Bus drivers and motorists also stopped to help.

The family was able to locate their badly injured son lying in the orchard. The 17-year-old reportedly told bystanders and family he could not feel his legs, due to being struck and thrown by the vehicle.

“He suffered major injuries to his legs and abdominal area. He was flown out via Lifeflight helicopter to Community Regional Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.” Rodriguez said.

CHP officers arrested Manuel Morales Rosales, 23, of Madera at the scene and charges of felony DUI are pending. Rosales was taken to Madera Community Hospital for clearance of minor injuries and then taken and booked into the Madera County Jail. Rosales was also charged with driving without a drivers license, according to officers.


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