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A look at how one voter views this election

Here’s a final look at this voter’s observations on the upcoming election:

Proposition 6 — vote YES. This would kill the gas tax that the tax pig Legislature shoved through at the last minute in its last session. They must think we’re crazy putting up with this kind of treatment that hands us the highest gas taxes in America. Proposition 6 also mandates that fuel taxes be spent on roads, which is how we thought those monies were being spent in the first place.

Measure M — Vote yes. Read Bill Coate’s story on this page, “Solving the Classroom Crisis,” for details.

Vote NO on all other propositions.

California Senate — Vote for Madera’s Rob Poythress. The other candidate, Anna Caballero of Salinas, is one of those who during her years in the Assembly Democrat gang helped spend the state into penury. In the Senate, she would be an even more expensive keeper. Poythress, a Republican, will be in the minority, but at least will be voting no on some of the stupid ideas that the Dems manage to float, and at least will try to look out for farming interests, especially those that involve water.

California Assembly — Vote for Frank Bigelow.

U.S. Senate — Vote for Kevin de Leon. Incumbent Dianne Feinstein embarrassed herself and California by carrying the water on the phony and vicious campaign against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Her days in the Senate should be brought to a close.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction — Vote for Marshall Tuck, who actually knows what a state school superintendent should do.

Governor — Vote for John Cox, the Republican. Gavin Newsom, his Democrat opponent, spent his years as lieutenant governor campaigning for governor on the public payroll and hoping Gov. Jerry Brown would somehow have to resign the office. City Council seats

District 1 — Vote for Cece Gallegos, whose sharp eye on the city’s sewer plant focused attention on the problem of deferred maintenance which now is being addressed, saving the city much money and a world of hurt.

District 3 — Will Oliver, who in the interests of transparency had the guts to come out with info on an old DUI he received, but handled it as he should have.

District 5 — Charles Rigby, whose work in his year as chair of the Madera Housing Authority proved he has the capability to lead as well as the “right stuff” when it comes to making decisions that affect the lives of Maderans who aren’t at the top of the economic heap.

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