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Ex-supervisor throws support to Will Oliver

This November, a number of elected offices will be on the ballot. One vitally important to our community is the office of Madera City Council District 3. We need a representative who is independent, hardworking and honest. We need someone who responds to our requests for assistance. I feel the best person to represent District 3 is Will Oliver. Please join me in casting your vote for him.

I had the honor of serving as a Madera County Supervisor for 12 years before retiring in 2013. I feel I know what needs to take place in order for results to occur. Will Oliver works in business and economic development and understands the challenges that small businesses face.

He also understands the challenges that local law enforcement faces too. I worked as a CHP Officer for 33 years and know that Will does everything he can to help public safety officers. He has worked to add 14 new police personnel, patrol vehicles, and the city is building a new fire station to assist our fire personnel and reduce emergency response times.

Will Oliver stepped up and pushed for a budget resolution protecting Measure K dollars for public safety purposes only. These are part of the reasons why he has also earned the unanimous endorsements from Police Officers’, Sheriffs’, Firefighters’ and Prosecutors’ Associations.

Will offers new ideas to move the City of Madera forward. My wife and I trust Will Oliver and we together ask you to cast your vote for him.

— Ronn Dominici

Former Madera County Supervisor

Retired CHP Officer


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