Candidate says city can’t afford present council

My name is Santos Garcia and I am a candidate for Madera City Council District 5.

I have lived in Madera since 1971, my wife Marta and I raised five wonderful children here. They are all college graduates and have started professional careers in nursing, firefighting, non-profit community engagement, and keeping our community safe by wearing the shield.

We love Madera, this is our home. Unfortunately, the city is in a $ 1.3 million-dollar budget deficit. The current city council voted to pay over $20,000 a month to the interim city manager. That is more than the governor of California makes.

If Madera has only 66,000 residents, how are we to pay for this outrageous salary?

At the last City Council meeting on Wednesday, we were able to defeat a City Council motion calling for free benefits for life for the current top administrators. How is it possible to give free benefits for life when we are in a $ 1.3 million-dollar deficit?

My wife and I make decisions about the Garcia family budget based on how much money is coming in and how much is going out. In 2018, the Madera City Council is paying its way by credit card. If you are okay with that, vote for the status quo. If you want to change the composition of the city council, vote for me.

— Santos Garcia, candidate,

City Council District 5,