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A biased liar on the Supreme Court?

At this point, the “attempted rape” is less of an issue. Now, we have a federal judge who repeatedly lied under oath. He under oath denied his alcoholic history, which is well-known and confirmed by many.

Kavanaugh told many lies under oath on Thursday. He has committed crime(s). If this crime is not a “true crime” for Kavanaugh, then we are all allowed to lie under oath and say anything you want in court and to law enforcement. Just confuse the issue, ask and answer your own questions, avoid “yes” and “no” answers, and deny, deny, deny. Americans, especially women, were shocked and offended.

But, this was also seen worldwide. In foreign countries, this judicial telecast showed that America is broken and not the pillar of rights for all. In some countries, it confirms that you can commit domestic violence and even kill women and then just keep denying responsibility and confuse the issues.

This is what happens when people do not vote. Sure, a protest or a complaint helps, but many do not vote. I am tired of people just complaining and being oppressed. If you don’t vote, you are voting against your family and your beliefs. Get educated on the issues and then vote by mail (sign the ballot) before the deadline or at the polls. Make sure you are registered.

— Loraine Goodwin,

Law Enforcement and Judicial Review Board

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