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Residents tired of waiting for their stoplight to be installed

For The Madera Tribune A vehicle sits, parked along the roadside. The vehcle is one of many that have gotten into an accident in the intersection of Olive and Knox in Madera.


Good morning, neighbors: Just 29 hours after I addressed the Madera City Council regarding the dangerous intersection at Olive and Knox, lo and behold another traffic accident.

Mr. Mayor, City Council, and all the brass who run Madera, our community continues to give the City of Madera more than $22,000 per month because of Rob Poythress’s Community Facility District Tax. Is the City of Madera waiting for another negative local news headline before a traffic light is put in?

Our community deserves a traffic light and we believe with the amount of money per month we give, the City of Madera can sustain a traffic light.

Let me guess: The City of Madera is going to hire another consultant for this matter. Why doesn’t the City of Madera honor the word “community” and include our community in the decisions in our community?

Of course it won’t. The City of Madera continues to pocket this money and pay the high salaries to employees that do not live in Madera. Our community is tired and exhausted due to the lack of respect the city has for our neighbors.

Mr. Mayor, quit plowing ahead with our money and expedite a stop light at the intersection at Olive and Knox.

We realize almost all proposed projects are on the west side of the 99, however we are part of Madera too.

— Ron Montoya,


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