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Sugar Pine Railroad a fun ride, good visit

If you are traveling to the South Gate of Yosemite, a great place to visit is the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. It is an hour long scenic journey through the Sierra National Forest were you get to see Louis Creek, different types of trees, and learn information about the area.

As you first arrive you’ll be looking at tons of tall Pine trees and beautiful flowers. You immediately see the train and train barn, their book store, museum, gold panning, and gift shop.

Once you start to board the train you can sit in a cart with a roof or sit in an actual tree that has been carved into seats. When you’re seated the conductor will sound the whistle and you’re on your way. The conductor will start telling you facts about the area such as what type of trees you’re looking at and interesting information about how the park and area you’re traveling around was like 30 to 40 years ago.

As you travel down the tracks you get to see more nature in the woods such as saplings and pine cones from many different trees, and a variety of flowers and much more. The pine cone is actually the trees seed and some need fire to plant and start to grow as you will learn on the train. You’ll also get to hear lots of foreign languages from all over the world.

Soon after your journey begins you stop and get to check out all the stuff you saw on the train but get up close with it, there is also a crystal clear river that you can get to admire which is the Louis Creek.

Once you board again you will get to see the old train and where logging companies used to cut and take trees. I think this trip is great for all ages and would recommend it to everyone. Teens will love it I can tell you from experience because I am one. The sights you see and the information you learn is all really cool, and that’s just on the train.

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Chase McGovern is 15 years old and is Visit Yosemite Madera County’s summer intern coming from the Boys and Girls Club of Oakhust. The internship is a career launch program sponsored by PG&E. Chase is currently attending Yosemite High and is a sophomore.

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