Writer gives thanks for Lifetime honor

I find it difficult to adequately express my gratitude to the Madera Chamber of Commerce for the beautiful celebration held Thursday evening in Hatfield Hall. The Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony touched me in a way I will never forget.

I don’t know for sure how many people serve on Debi Bray’s staff, but for them to produce that gargantuan tribute, I am certain they all devoted untold hours to planning, composing, organizing, contacting, decorating, and double-checking to make certain nothing was missed.

The event was an example of the unselfish spirit that pervades everything the Chamber does under Debi’s direction. Every effort was made to make the evening memorable, not only for the honorees, but for their families and guests as well.

To everyone who had a hand in making the Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony the unparalleled success it was, please accept my heart felt thanks for giving me such a sense of belonging.

— Bill Coate,