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Some thoughts on competitive wages

Perhaps a solution. Most elected officials have other businesses. They should be required to pay the same salaries and benefits that we pay the city and county people. This would put their payroll at 40-50 bucks an hour. We will have County Union Pizza workers. City Union print shop workers, and best of all, all of David Rogers’ construction jobs will be Prevailing Wage jobs! I am sure all will be competitive with their competition.

This leaves us with Wheeler. Don’t know what to do with him. Perhaps a Gold plated milk stool. All administrative positions should be tied to the local utility pay scale. Can’t be more than PG&E or the Telephone Company. Can you imagine a Pizza worker or Print Shop worker retiring after 20 years with 95 percent of their last five-year average pay, because they retired on a stress disability?

Time to be realistic.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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