Goodwin has it mixed up again

Loraine Goodwin used to use titles with her name but her last letter had no title, so did someone take her title(s) from her?

I am not going through her letter to the Tribune but if you read far enough she starts using the race card again calling the president and his family racists, and even got the KKK into it.

Goodwin was angry because Omarosa Manigault was fired from the White House after writing a book called “Unhinged.” The bigger question is, why was she hired to begin with?

She had tried to get a job with the Hillary Clinton campaign but it fell through. She reportedly held four jobs in two years in the Bill Clinton administration.

I know the editor has to give her an equal opportunity to be an ass, and she gets there, but I am going to talk about something else.

Proposition 6 will be on the ballot in November and we are seeing competing commercials on TV. Gov. Brown had to come out with his NO on 6 campaign when he realized his raising of the gas tax and registration fees was in trouble after nearly a million people signed petitions to get this repealed.

Gov. Brown had said he would not raise taxes without a vote of the people and then turned around and did exactly that.

Gov. Brown’s commercial is scare tactics, all of a sudden the sky is falling (or our bridges) and roads are terrible. If he had been using our gas tax money all along for these things instead of diverting money to buses and the high-speed rail — which I believe he did — or else it would not be built, he would have no investors. We taxpayers are footing the bill for the work that is being done.

I don’t know if any work is being done anywhere else besides right here in the Valley.

I see he has the California Association of Highway Patrolmen supporting it. I am a retired CHP officer and belong to that association, but I certainly don’t support it, and am sure a lot of other patrolmen don’t either, but the governor is their boss.

I will vote YES on Prop. 6.

— Frank Bradford,