Writer no fan of MUSD registration process

After 4 years of trying to work with MUSD officials to change the draconian system for registering students wherein no matter how much due diligence a parent might do online, MUSD continues to require that they come down to the school sites one or more times to: “process paperwork” for no good legal or practical reason.

Please find my short commentary below and an update on my son below that:

No, our emergency contact infomation has not changed.

No, we have not moved out of the district.

No, our address has not changed.

No, our utility company has not changed.

No, we do not wish to drive 35 miles six times to re-register four students.

No, we don’t understand why we have to go through this again.

Yes, California legalized electronic signatures 20 years ago.

No, I don’t know why Madera Unified refuses to recognize this law after 20 years.

Yes, it could have been done with a few mouse clicks.

Yes, these are the actual original documents MUSD asked for.

No, I did not forge them.

No, you would not know the difference if I did (forge them).

Yes, it does cost MUSD a lot of money to have people come down physically to the school.

Yes, it costs the parents a lot of money and energy to come down to the school redundantly.

Yes, it’s over 100 degrees.

No, I don’t know why they do it.

Yes, that money could be better spent on just about anything productive for the students.

Yes, the parents could be more productive doing almost anything else.

No, this doesn’t make any sense to me, or any 2nd grader.

No, we did not move to the former Soviet Union.

Yes, this makes us feel like we did.

No, they can’t explain any realistic reasoning behind this procedure.

Yes, it looks like a “make work” project.

Yes, it seems painfully counterproductive on both ends.

Yes, I have talked to them about it for over four years.

Yes, they were supposed to meet with me about changing/fixing it last year.

No, they did not (meet with me).

Yes, it’s still painful and counterproductive.

Yes, I still have the emails. But thanks for asking.

— Doug Alton,