Seeks to stop local abuse in politics

I watched the Capitol Hill lawmakers interrogate FBI agents for bias and prejudice regarding their personal opinions, as found in personal texts, interoffice personal communications, and past personal political contributions.

The FBI trials show that many lawmakers conclude FBI bias, past personal discriminatory acts, and personal prejudice prevent the FBI from doing their job in a fair and unbiased manner and need to be fired.

In the same manner, we locals need to assess our local judges, court attorneys, prison officials, and peace officers for bias, prejudice, and past discriminatory acts.

If found to be biased, then these locals also need to be immediately fired.

I am interested in investigating prejudicial acts in court, and by any representative local agents. I am looking into prejudicial acts by our local traffic police also, for unwarranted stops, tickets, or excessive traffic stops under the guise of facts, law, or department practice.

Institutional and personal racism colors the way legal duties are carried out. Stopping abuse and reckless discriminatory use of power requires constant surveillance and reporting. I urge all to participate. We have seen Trump manipulate the law.

Who supports and endorses Trump, yet, demands honesty from others in court proceedings? Who is biased and unfair and unfit for office or job? It is scary as to how unjust our system has become.

— Loraine Goodwin,

Judicial and Law Enforcement Review Board