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President Trump in HELL, not Helsinki

I promise no weapons in space — unwitnessed and unwritten — hollow words from Putin.

The Trump-Putin meeting in Finland is crazy. First, Trump has been proven repeatedly, daily, to be a habitual and pathological liar. Even in the face of hard evidence, Trump will lie repeatedly with a sincere face. Trump believes if he says a lie often enough, it becomes truth. And, in fact, in his rhetoic and the media, it does become “truth.”

As Trump will be the only reporter of record of the meeting, Trump’s version can only be regarded as lies to spin his goal to be proclaimed the best president ever in the world and to join Putin.

Trump, is a secretive man, and he runs a secret government (like Russian meeting in White House). As the only reporter, Trump has found a way to put himself in full control, with the power to change the “reality” of the meeting from moment to moment as fits his wants and ego. No one will be able to discuss any of the issues and continuity for future meetings will be lost. American democracy requires transparency, especially, if the president is a proven liar.

Trump has repeatedly told Putin and the world that the U.S. and its laws are stupid and foolish. (Trump only has a B.S. in business.) Residents of the Ukraine want to know what Trump and Putin(whose election was also corrupt, leader for 18 years and KGB) are saying about NATO, the EU, the Eurasian Economic Union and Russian advancement into the Ukraine. Melania’s parents are communists, now U.S. citizens — chain migration (and look like Donald and Melania). What influence does his communist family members have on Trump’s secret agenda? Trump, as usual, showed his Alzheimer’s and that he is more Russian than American. Trump undermining American security is treason. By the way, that ball from Putin is a camera and GPS. What other “gifts” did Trump accept in secret?

— Loraine Goodwin,


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