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Trump meeting a success for gaming and construction

Trump’s meeting with Kim Jung-Un was meant to show the North Korean leader that he is sitting on a ton of potential money. Trump was in construction mode. The meeting was scheduled in

Singapore because Singapore went heavily into gambling years ago and is making tons of money. Kim was impressed and visited the casinos. Trump had a development video presentation on an iPad that he gave Kim and others. The video showed North Korean beaches lined with towering condos and hotels. Kim was impressed. Kim wants casinos.

Trump led Kim to his limousine and allowed him to peek inside. Kim was impressed. Kim and his gang stayed in $8,000-per-night suites (paid by Singapore?). Kim was impressed.

I don’t know if Trump bragged to Kim about how easy it will be for his gang, after they are rich, to molest females or if Trump had him sign a provisional construction contract, but this meeting showed Trump is no statesman. There was no conversation about democracy, freedom, legal reform or individual rights.

The meeting in Singapore was about land and business development, construction and making money — with his new “best friend,” It was never revealed how much Kim was paid to go along with the Singapore meeting. I felt the “summit” was all a hollow act.

Making Kim rich does not solve the huge lack of ethics and morality of the North Korean leadership. Trump’s “summit” was just about creating another mafia territory and will not lead to peace. Whether Kim makes any significant changes or not, I’m guessing he will be in business with the Trump corporations.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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