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Girl, 10, found in Santa Barbara with mom

The Madera Tribune A 10-year-old North Fork girl being sought by the Madera County Sheriff’s Office in an alleged abduction case has been found safe with her mother in Santa Barbara, according to Kayla Serratto of the Madera County Sheriff’s public information officer.

On the afternoon of June 1, Madera deputies responded to a call from a residence in North Fork claiming a possible parental abduction of the girl.

Deputies learned the girl was taken by her mother, 43-year-old Viviana Andrea Duncan, from a residence in North Fork on May 31, at around 8:30 p.m. She said she was taking her daughter to dinner, but she had not returned.

A description of the girl and her mother was made public, and the girl finally was found safe in Santa Barbara. She will remain in the custody of Santa Barbara Police Department until she is reunited with her father.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public for their assistance and widespread sharing of information to bring attention to this case.


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