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Trump’s war on the intelligence community

The FBI is huge and not a small group of un-American misfits, as Trump has repeatedly expressed them to be. They have undergone continual security background checks. I was in disbelief when Trump, after his inauguration, spoke to the CIA and lied to them as he boasted about his inaugural crowd size and great campaign win.

I love what I’ve learned about Comey. I hate the ugly defamatory statements and tags Trump has attached to him. I feel Comey does his best and his best is great. Comey is an example of a great, hard-working, loyal American, who served in the military when his country called, and I hope we will all show our appreciation of Comey this 4th of July by wearing a “COMEY IS MY HOMEY” T-shirt or badge.

Support our military, vets, security officers, first-responders, and our great Americans who are standing up to keep America safe. Always remember those who gave everything.

In addition, I want to recognize the passing of a great American, Dovey Johnson Roundtree, a Washington criminal defense lawyer and civil rights advocate who played a critical early role in the desegregation of interstate bus travel and mentored several generations of black lawyers. Attorney Roundtree died May 21, 2018, at an assisted-living facility in Charlotte at age 104. Gone but not forgotten.

I personally always pay homage to the FBI for their excellent work in the murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, also known as the Freedom Summer murders. They could have stayed home and remained safe, but they chose to serve. The three activists were abducted and murdered in Neshoba County, Mississippi, in June 1964 during the Civil Rights Movement. FBI agents, did an outstanding job in working that case in a very hostile situation. (Movie: “Mississippi Burning”) Once the burial spots were found, the agents had to physically dig to find and uncover the infested, tortured bodies and transfer them for transport. No locals would provide machinery. The local Mississippi law enforcement laughed as the few FBI agents toiled in the extreme heat and humidity. At that time in Mississippi, it was still not unusual for whites to hang blacks; torture them; burn their houses and churches; judicially execute them; restrict education, employment, voting and justice; and steal their property. Civil rights workers gone but not forgotten — FBI respect.

REMEMBER TO VOTE. We never want a president who wants to intimidate, bribe and rule the judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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