Reader says why he’s voting for Linn, Tacherra

I’ve been reading all the letters to the editor recently from people opposing David Linn. Without exception I read all what the writers wrote about —what they read or heard — on the news regarding David Linn’s supposed wrongdoings, but nothing about his achievements. Isn’t that interesting?

I guess I can understand that because D.A Linn has had many achievements in his short tenure as Madera district attorney and his opponents have none. So what’s there to compare?

On May 4, 2018, I held a fundraiser for David Linn at my house. On May 12, 2018, in the Madera Tribune there was a nice photo of David Linn, his wife Betty and Mark Coleman, an attorney. Right next it was a photo of six people standing around one of David’s opponents during a fundraiser for her at the Vineyard restaurant. There were two deputy sheriffs association heads (union men). Then next was Matt Markle, whose son works for the D.A’s office. Then I saw Sheriff Varney. The fire chief I don’t know, and last was retired Madera sheriff John Anderson. In talking with someone who was at her fundraiser he told me that those in the picture were just about all who were there, except for a very few others.

First, I don’t believe in unions. But I especially don’t believe that any public servants should belong to a union while drawing taxpayer dollars! They work for the taxpayers, not the union!

In the early stages of David Linn’s campaign, John Markle appeared to be behind David Linn for district attorney, in fact he came to my house and took a picture of David and me. David claims he does not know what turned John Markle against him.

Now with Sheriff Varney that’s a little different story. David claims he discussed with Varney his failure to provide adequate protection to rural areas. Linn also suggested higher quality investigative work by the sheriff’s department. David Linn also feels that Sheriff Varney has never accepted the fact that according to California Code, the district attorney and not the sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer!

Now comes John Anderson, retired so-so sheriff of Madera County. The only thing I remember about him is he got a DUI somewhere around Sacramento a few years back while he was sheriff.

Now Sally Moreno claims to have been a prosecutor for 20 years. She passed the bar in September 1995. In May 2004 she was suspended by the State Bar and could not practice law in California until 2006. In September 2006, she lost her right to practice law again because she failed to meet educational standards of the State Bar. In 2007 she was reinstated. Also in between she practiced bankruptcy law for four years. You do the math. Also I read a multi-page report on Sally Moreno’s aliases. She had somewhere around 13 aliases. I wonder what that was for.

Then there is the investigation of David Linn by a Kim Horiuchi who works for Regina Garza, who is the outsourced Madera County counsel and works for a Fresno law firm. Another job outsourced! Kim Horiuchi investigated the complaint of a disgruntled prosecutor who had been previously terminated by Tuolumne County for making false, unsubstantiated claims against the Tuolumne County district attorney. He did it again to David Linn when he came to Madera; that’s what all that fiasco with the supervisors was about. That and a few other things, like the supervisors’ votes for thousands of new houses to be built, and the sweetheart deal with Redrock.

To retaliate, the supervisors censured David Linn!

In the case of the outsourced county counsel job to Fresno; David Linn offered to do the same job for an additional $30,000 and one more prosecutor, but no, the supes declined; they would rather pay the additional $250,000 to the Fresno firm.

On a lighter note, somewhere about the 6th or 7th of May there was a letter to the editor in the Tribune written by Bill Hoffrage. I love his letters. Somewhere in that letter I picked up a little quip about Robert Poythress being a farmer. I laughed because I had already seen that in one of Poythress’s mail-outs. I’ve known Rob Poythress for more than 30 years, maybe closer to 40. He may own some family property with his brother Roger, who is the farmer, but Rob is no farmer. In all the years I’ve known Rob Poythress, I don’t think I ever saw him without his coat and tie on. Now I was born and raised on a farm, and almost all my life I either farmed or dealt with farmers. I drove tractor or watched other tractor drivers and without exception I have never seen a tractor driver wearing a coat and tie.

Also Bill mentioned that garbage that was written on two of Rob Poythress’s latest mail-outs about Johnny Tachera. I checked the first one twice to see a name of who sent it. I could not find a name anywhere. I was ready to write about the yellow coward who sent that mail out without a name when finally in the top corner in the return address sticker in very small print were the words “Paid for by Rob Poythress.” In all the years that I’ve known Poythress, I never thought he could stoop so low.

But I guess when you’re behind in the polls and trailing in the Senate race, I guess a candidate can get pretty desperate and try to knock the opponents down! That was tried on president Trump, and that doesn’t work either!

Like Bill Hoffrage, I’m also going to vote for David Linn and Johnny Tachera.

— Sam Pistoresi,