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Ex-official says, ‘return civility to the office of D.A.’

I recently received a political ‘‘hit piece’’ in the mail from the Paul Hornick campaign, which was very similar to the current district attorney’s negative diatribe attacking the third candidate. I wonder if they both use the same campaign manager or if Hornick, working with Linn, has gained the same negative attitude?

Would this negative attitude carry over into the operations of the office that is so prevalent now?

It appears that when a politician has no positive record or things to say about himself, he feels the next best thing is to negatively attack his opponent.

It is time to return truth, integrity and high ethical standards to all elected offices.

Sally Moreno has exhibited these attributes in her positive campaign and by not joining the mud-slinging gutter campaign the other two candidates for district attorney have practiced.

When we as citizens and voters mark our ballots to hire a district attorney to represent us and Madera County, ask yourself: Do I want a negative image of our county or a positive one?

As a former member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors, I expect truth, I expect integrity. I expect high ethical standards and certainly expect a positive working attitude from our district attorney. I encourage you to join me and vote for these attributes, attributes that Sally Moreno exhibits, and return civility to the office.

— J. Gordon Kennedy,

Former member,

Madera County Board of Supervisors

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