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Thoughts on ‘walking to schools’ concept

I heard that there is talk of more “Walk to schools” in Madera. Thought is that the Airport is in the wrong place. It will obstruct this walking. Actually, 99 is in the wrong place. The railroad is in the wrong place. Road 23 is in the wrong place. Look at Sunset with all the schools on that street. Lack of sidewalks is a major obstacle to “Walk to School.”

Brown’s release of prisoners is a major obstacle. Predators on every corner. Don’t know if it’s a reduction of school bus expense or the concern for more exercise to combat obesity. Probably what we need is a circular drive around the school, so that parents can easily drop off and pick up their kids. Clockwise rotation, so that kids can enter and exit vehicles on the right.

School hours need to fall within the work hours. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 5:30.

One hundred percent government housing. All families with children will be housed next to the schools. Those without children will be housed away from the school. What’s the big deal anyway. Survey in the paper said only 37 percent of any group cares.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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